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8 Lego Videos from True Master Builders

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Watch all of the videos from today’s ep.
YouTube Nation is our daily show that scours the web to help you find great videos weekdays 6pm PT / 9pm ET / 2am GMT and Saturday.

Today, YouTube Nation delivers a collection of great LEGO videos like a real life LEGO car, a friend’s cruel Star Wars LEGO prank, and a reenactment of Felix Baumgartner’s Stratos jump.
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Featured in this show:
Coolest Lego Minifigure Costume Ever! Zombie! - YouTube
By Brack Daddy:
LEGO Invasion!
By AndrewMFilms:
Star Wars Lego prank
By Joost Reijmers:
Ninjago stop motion - Jay VS Kai 樂高忍者動畫
By Counter656:
Life Size Lego Car Powered by Air
By Steve Sammartino:
Jason vs The Ultimate LEGO Machine (LuuMa EV3)
By JK Brickworks:
By FoxSearchlight:
LEGO® Club Show Music Video: LEGO Let's Go
YouTube Nation
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