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Deadpool Celebrates Halloween & New Movie Details HD

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Deadpool Celebrates Halloween & New Movie Details
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Deadpool visited some miniature X-Men this Halloween and we also learned some new details about the upcoming movie; it’s all right here on Clevver Newsfeed. If you know Deadpool, you know he shouldn’t interact with children, so that’s why he did exactly that this Halloween. In promotion for the upcoming film due out in February, Ryan Reynolds himself released a video entitled How Deadpool Spent Halloween and while it doesn’t delve into the gory violence or chimichangas that the character is known for, it does show off his signature brand of sarcasm and humor. Addressing a playground full of kids dressed as X-Men, Deadpool questioned the little tikes on their various qualifications to be on his team. Standard stuff ranging from whether or not they’ve taken a human life, calling Cyclops “Steve Wonder,” and finally asking if they want to stop crime or maybe even start some. The video also saw Ryan’s Deadpool acknowledging and dismissing the fact that he once played Green Lantern. The video works on two levels; for one, it gets us even more excited for the movie and Deadpool’s trademark sense of humor, but the second reason is this just confirms even more how completely perfect Ryan Reynolds is for the role. The man was born to play Deadpool. But this isn’t the only proof of how perfect Ryan is for the part. Thanks to a recent set visit, Collider reveals new details about the movie including a quote from director Tim Miller saying that the Deadpool costume had a muscle suit underneath like every other supersuit does, but that Ryan Reynolds is so incredibly jacked that they needed to remove it because he looked too big. So what you’re seeing is 100% Ryan Reynolds in that suit. It was also revealed that Reynolds played a significant part in reworking the leaked script, adding plenty of notes and suggestions including the inclusion of an origin story. Those weren’t the only interesting tidbits we found out about the movie though. Everyone knows by now that the movie got the green light after the overwhelming positive response from fans after test footage leaked, but did you know directors James Cameron and David Fincher both read the script as a favor to their friend Tim Miller and were instrumental in pushing the script on Fox executives? Meaning, this movie is Cameron and Fincher approved. It’s also been confirmed that Deadpool will fit directly into the X-Men universe, with Colossus being the “gateway drug” to the X-verse. We can also expect plenty of other references to the X-Men via lots of easter eggs for eagle-eyed fans and at least one reference to Professor Xavier. You can also expect the signature Stan Lee cameo and a quote “phenomenla” end credit scene, as long as the filmmakers can work everything out. So what do you think of Ryan Reynolds “Deadpool Halloween” video? Does it get you even more excited for the movie or do you still have reservations? Head down to the comments or tweet us @ClevverMovies or me @MiriamIsa and share your thoughts and then click here to find out what we think needs to happen in the film when it arrives in theaters on February 12th. I’m Miriam Isa, thanks for watching and we’ll see you soon with more movie news right here on Clevver Newsfeed.

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