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LikeButta Destiny Beta Montage

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[iAM] LikeButta beta montage. As #1 on the beta leaderboards (destinytracker.com) I felt it was necessary to show you some of the best gameplay I recorded. I edited the entire montage so sorry if the production value could be better! Enjoy!

EDIT2: This was all recorded on PSN Share, limited to 720p with it, sorry! And Sony, please fix this because about a third of my clips got scrapped due to the broken Share feature!

EDIT1: A couple people have been speculating that I use mouse or wondering what kind of controller I use, and the answer is that I use a normal PS4 controller with no adjustments. I also happen to play at a sensitivity one notch above default.

Competitive team iAM ( will be going strong for Destiny on the PS4.

Special thanks to:
All of team iAM

Clan Lucky Strike
Bungie :D

I do not own the rights to the songs used for this video and am solely using it for entertainment.
Unstoppable Music - Male mori quam foedari
Preview - Sounds of Silence
T-Phonic - Positive (Ft. Elbie)
Jack Trammell - Without Recourse
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