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TFS Presents: The Baldest Kids You Know - Bald This Way

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The Baldest Kids You Know are back with their brand new single, Bald This Way!
This video premiered at Connecticon 2011, which was a blast! Hope to see you all again next year!
Nappa: I doesn't matter if you love me... or capital M-E. Just put your shiney heads up... 'cause you are bald this way baby.
My momma told me when I was young,
"You're gonna roam the stars!"
She combed my tail, but my armor on
And sent me off in my space pod
Krillin: All you need to do is shave your hair
Then wax that bitch untill it shines
Who gives a crap if all the children stare
Just listen up and you'll be fine
I'm beautiful in my way
Kami makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track, baby
I am bald this way!
Krillin: Don't hide yourself in regret
Just power up and you're set
We're on the right track baby
'Cause we're bald this way! (Bald this way!)
"Bald This Way"
by The Baldest Kids You Know
Original Song
"Born this Way"
by Lady Gaga
Portal 2 is owned by Valve
"Born this Way" is owned
by Lady Gaga and
Interscope Records
DragonBall Z is owned by Funimation, Toei Animation, FUJI TV and Akira Toriyama
Please support the official release!
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