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The Good Dinosaur ABC Alphabet Song with Healthy Food Surprise Eggs | Fruits and Vegetables | ABC HD

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Do your kids love surprise eggs? If so, they'll love to learn the alphabet with our fun, educational video!

It's an early morning in our prehistoric paradise, but not all is as well as it looks: an herbivorous baby good dinosaur T-Rex can't get food on his own! Fortunately, a human girl finds him and the pair team up to find tasty, fresh fruits and vegetables.

They crack their way through colorful ABC Alphabet surprise eggs to reveal apples, bananas, mushrooms and more. Their sing-a-long song is easy to follow, and the food is displayed simultaneously with the letter to help your child learn the alphabet. For an extra special lesson, bring your child to the kitchen to find a tasty fruit or veggie snack when you've finished watching the video.

As always, the format of our videos is ideal for young learners as well as those learning English as a second language.

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Music: Copyright 2015 Baby Learning World®.
Video: Copyright 2015 Baby Learning World®.
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We hope you enjoy our new video for learning the ABC's. Please tell us about your own experiences and requests in the comments section below; we'll keep them in mind for new videos. We're creating new videos all the time, so come back every week to see what's happening. Don't hesitate to send us a message – we love hearing from you!
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