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How Copyright Works: Fair Use, Parody, and Copyright Infringement | Berklee Online

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In this video, Berklee Online course author Dr. E. Michael Harrington describes how to distinguish between fair use and copyright ...

C&C B.1 What is Copyright Infringement, and Why Does it Matter?

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These videos are designed to be used self-directed or in the classroom teaching of Copyright & Creativity for Ethical Digital ...

Understanding Policy: Copyright Infringement

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Hello publishers! Today John will be discussing our Copyright Infringement policy. This is a really important video to understand ...

Copyright infringement damages

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YES YOU CAN SHARE OUR VIDEOS. This video discusses copyright infringement penalties. Make sure to watch this video on ...

Window to the Law: How to Avoid Copyright Infringement

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Learn how you can avoid infringing copyrights held by third parties, and review the proper way to license copyrighted materials.

Copyright Infringement

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Justin Bieber Sued for Alleged Copyright Infringement Over 'Sorry'

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Indie pop star Casey Dienel is claiming in a lawsuit that Bieber's song "Sorry" infringes on her song, "Ring the Bell."

YouTube Copyright School

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Russell learns some valuable lessons about copyright.

Copyright Infringement Court Case Examples

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Recorded with ScreenCastify (, the screen video recorder for Chrome.

Lecture on Infringement of Copyright

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Our new lecture on Infringement of Copyright. In this lecture, we will be discussing Section 51 of the Copyright Act, Categories for ...

YouTube's Copyright System Isn't Broken. The World's Is.

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No copyright infringement intended. | Watch Money, my new Nebula Original series, when you join CuriosityStream for only ...

Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' ruling is the latest in music copyright infringement wars I Nightline

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A jury will decide how much Perry owes Marcus Gray and two co-authors, who first sued Perry five years ago for copyright ...

Defenses to a Claim of Copyright Infringement

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Defenses to a Claim of Copyright Infringement Visit for all of The Legal and Regulatory ...

Copyright Infringement for Clothing Designs EXPLAINED

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A copyright infringement claim is not to be taken lightly. Rob explains the details of when you need permission or a license to use ...

"Actual Damages" in Copyright Infringement Law explained by Attorney Steve®

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What is Copyright Infringement? (Insider Secrets)

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What's Copyright Infringement? Ensuring that your work is copyrighted is essential. Copyright infringement happens when ...

When does Copyright Infringement become Criminal?

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In this exciting episode of Vondran Legal Hour, Attorney Steve®, the Copyright infringement attorney explains when infringement ...

Plagiarism vs. Copyright Infringement: Is There A Difference?

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Are plagiarism and copyright infringement the same thing? Copyright expert Fred Haber tackles this often confusing topic in this ...

How To Avoid T-Shirt Design Trademark & Copyright Infringement

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In this video you'll find out how you can avoid copyright infringement on your t-shirt designs! It's not worth putting your merch by ...

What to Do If You Receive a Copyright Infringement Complaint

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This is something that happens a lot on Amazon, so I will use Amazon as an example. If you think of policing rights on Amazon, ...