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Funny Ostrich Compilation

1 мес. назад

A funny ostrich can be so cute. Check out these funny ostrich videos. Contains some funny ostriches run, funny ostriches attack a car, some funny ostriches .

Top Documentary Films: The Hard Life of an Ostrich

2 г. назад

Top Documentary Films: The Hard Life of an Ostrich Ostriches have been highly sort after for their feathers, their hides and their meat since Roman times.

Goat joins large dog in chasing cyclists

1 г. назад

Two cyclists out for an afternoon ride pass by a farm. A large dog runs along the fence, eager to catch them. The riders are surprised to see that the dog is joined ...

Huge ostrich makes "enemies" at the park

4 мес. назад

It seems like a normal day of fishing at the park for these guys, but don't be too quick to judge just yet. One of them goes to feed an ostrich when all of a sudden ...


4 г. назад

When Giraffes Attack. All animals need their space and giraffes are no different. When boundaries are crossed giraffes can become defensive and may be put in ...

John Wayne takes on Le Tour De France

3 г. назад

John Wayne vs Cyclists.

Ostrich & Emu - The Differences

1 г. назад

Ostrich : (Struthio camelus) Emu : (Dromaius novaehollandiae) Ostrich Information ...

Who knew emus were such playful animals?

5 мес. назад

While all the other farm animals relax on a sunny afternoon, these crazy emus can't stop running in circles! Too funny! Source & embed code: ...

13 Ostrich Facts

6 мес. назад

Source: ...

Cutest Emu Chicks chasing after camera

2 г. назад

Our Emu chicks here at Symbio Wildlife Park are starting to get a bit of speed up as they continue to grow and love life. They have now taken up residency with ...

Emu Vs American tourist

5 г. назад

See what happens when an American tourist comes face to face with the great bird from down under!

Peacocks can be dangerous!!!

1 г. назад

Little girl chasing a large male peacock. You won't believe what happens.

I Sprayed My Ostrich & Emu With A Hose - Do you think they liked it?

4 г. назад

Did you know that Ostrich & Emu love water? Click SHOW MORE Subscribe! ** LIKE** ...

Ostrich chasing hyaena

9 г. назад

Ostrich chasing hyaena.

John Wayne Shoots Football Players

1 г. назад

In the West by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( John Wayne Shoots ...

Giraffe chase.avi

6 г. назад

Chilling out with a wild giraffe near the guest house I stayed in at Wajir town, Northeastern Kenya.

Live Ostrich Without Feathers

8 мес. назад

What happened to this poor ostrich. I'm not sure. But I googled it and found this.Feathers harvested from ostriches today can be taken with no harm to the bird ...


5 г. назад

one of them great stories.. Watch to see FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK: VISIT MY CHANNEL: ...

How to Tame an Ostrich! (Lord Of The Ostriches)

5 г. назад

How to Tame an Ostrich!

Ostrich on the loose in China, knocked down twice by cars... keeps running

4 г. назад

Ran 6 kilometers across four streets before being corralled and returned to the zoo. For more info: ...

Behold the Latest Manifestations of Ostrich Logic (THE SAAD TRUTH_196)

1 г. назад

I analyze some very recent irrational and faulty thinking stemming from members of The Ostrich Brigade. Support this channel via Patreon:...