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Jak Wymienić Termostat? - OPEL ASTRA G - X16XEL

3 г. назад

Film ten przedstawia krok po kroku jak przygotować się i wymienić termostat w oplu astrze g x16xel, dzięki temu filmowi każdy poradzi sobie bez problemu, ...

Removal & fitment cartridge wheel bearing: on the vehicle

1 г. назад

Dismounting / mounting process of generation 1 wheel bearing NTN-SNR. Kits: (examples) R140.17/ R141.85 / R150.18/ R151.40/ R151.46/ R152.55/ R153.14/ ...

Opel Fehlerspeicher auslesen OBD-1 (10 Polig)

9 г. назад

Anleitung zum Auslesen des Fehlerspeichers an einem Opel. Die hier gezeigten Schritte können an jedem Opel mit OBD-1 (10 Poliger Diagnosestecker) ...

Driving Chevy Bolt EV 470 km/292 mi on a single charge

8 мес. назад

During our stay in South Korea, we took a road trip from Seoul to Jeju in a Chevrolet Bolt EV. The challenge was to see how far we could drive in a single charge ...

Opel Agila Electric Conversion 20Kw part 2 Homemade controller

4 г. назад

Specs Motor: Permanent magnet DC motor 230V 207A peak Battery: LiFePO4 72 cells in series A123 Systems 20Ah Lithium 4,4Kwh in total Controller ...

MAP Sensor Quick-Fix

4 г. назад

GET SOFTWARE NOW! http://www.autodiagnosticsandpublishing.com/Software_Catalog.html MAP Sensor Quick-Fix The MAP sensor, is a 3 wire sensor, that ...

Tutorial: D.A.K. Opel Blitz & Flak37 diorama by Jose Moral | Warfare in Scale

5 г. назад

Opel Blitz From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Opel Blitz was the name given to various German light and middle-weight trucks built by Opel between 1930 ...

How to: Clean your Sticking Throttle Body

5 г. назад

In this show Bluudy shows you how to remove, Clean and replace the throttle body on the Astra. Don't forget to give the video a like! Don't forget to give the video ...

How to test a GM MAF Sensor (Part 1)

7 г. назад

Here is a link to part 2 https://youtu.be/E8sBg7kMbOw The procedures shown in this video can be applied to all 3-wire General Motors MAF sensors. (Chevy ...

GTI Sales Strong, Ford Test Exoskeleton Tech. - Autoline Daily 2231

1 нед. назад

0:34 Ford Tests Exoskeleton Technology 1:11 ChargePoint Expands In Europe 1:47 GTI Dominates Golf Line-Up 2:55 Detroit Diesel Expands Product Line 3:43 ...

1991 Bmw M5 E34 - Assetto Corsa Mod

4 мес. назад

http://assettocorsa.club/mods/auto/bmw-m5-e34.html#en specs.. ASUS G11 desktop PC ASUS H110M-A 12GB Ram DDR4 (2133mhz) Evga SSC Gtx 1060 6GB ...

Seat Leon 1P, 2005-2009, Bi-xenon Mini H1 projector installation video

3 г. назад

http://www.retrofitlab.com/projector-kits/bi-xenon-mini-h1-twin-kit-1.html Check out our new Facebook group: ...

Dectane Dayline LED Scheinwerfer Opel Astra H SCHWARZ

7 г. назад

Dectane Dayline LED Scheinwerfer Opel Astra H original in chrom hab die komplett demontiert und schwarz matt lackiert...........

Fuel Pump Level Sensor Testing and Replacement

1 г. назад

How to test and replace a fuel level sensor. » Subscribe: http://youtube.com/carsntoys » Website: http://carsntoys.net OTHER VIDEOS THAT MAY INTEREST ...

MAF sensor trouble code (P0102) caused by a bad ground (GM 3100)

5 г. назад

2000 Chevy Malibu MAF Ground problem This is a good video on how to check sensor grounds using a voltmeter. Once you get more comfortable with this type ...

Fitting car CD player on Vauxhall Astra Eonon head

3 г. назад

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SAAB SID LCD pixel fix repair KIT with silver ribbon cable LCD assembly

3 г. назад

We intoduce the the newest Pixelfix SAAB SID pixel fix KIT http://www.pixelfix.net/eng/saab.html that comes with: - brand new LCD - SiLVER ribbon cable ...

Claxon goarna 12V 510Hz, Opel FER (Germania)

4 г. назад

Claxon goarna 12V 510Hz, Opel FER (Germania) Comanda AICI: http://www.bestautovest.ro/claxon-goarna-12v-510hz-opel-fer-germania.html Producator FER ...


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