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Big Sister Cries Over Baby Brother Growing Up

3 г. назад

Miller family talks about the viral video. Fox & Friends Fox News Fox News Insider: The ...

Adorable toddler doesn't want a baby brother

3 г. назад

Check it this adorable toddler's reaction after finding out that she's getting a little baby brother. All she wanted was a sister! Source & embed code: ...

Toddler doesn't want to grow up!

3 г. назад

We've all had days like this before! Bobo just doesn't want to grow older, he'd rather stay young and "handsome". How adorable is that? Source & embed code: ...

Little Girl Cries Because She Doesn't Have a Boyfriend

2 г. назад

Little girl says she has a boyfriend. She cries when her parents say she doesn't. SUBSCRIBE TO KYOOT!: Watch More Kids Videos at: ...

Girl Starts Crying When Her Parents Tell Her She Will Be A Big Sister

2 г. назад

These parents tell their daughter she is going to be a big sister a week after her birthday and she starts crying out of pure joy. Best birthday present ever. Hi and ...

"I Won't Eat Animals," Girl Tells Her Mother

1 г. назад

Realising, to her horror, that meat is made from animals, five-year-old Zada tells her mother she's a vegetarian. And her mind is made up. To use this video in a ...

Girl shocked to learn dog doesn't want to be princess

2 г. назад

Sierra sings a coronation song to Sebastian, only to find out that her Newfoundland puppy refuses the office! Looks like a tangerine will make things better.

Three year old tells dad she's old enough for boyfriends

2 г. назад

This hilarious dinnertime conversation is the result of Josie, a three year old little girl, claiming to have two boyfriends at school. Listen along to the debate she ...

Baby meets sister and asks the funniest question!

3 г. назад

This big brother meets and holds his newborn baby sister for the very first time, and ends up asking a very curious and hilarious question! His expression after is ...

Girl teaches us a lesson we won't ever forget - Amazing

2 г. назад

This little Irish girl will melt your heart. Original video: A good word to the parents for allowing their daughter to not eat animals ...

Funny Pets DON'T Know Mirror | So Cute!

6 мес. назад

Funny Pets DON'T Know Mirror | So Cute! Welcome to Funny Pets Channel ▯ Link Video : Link uploaded on website ...

Wireless Baby Crying Detector with Parental Alarm

6 г. назад This Wireless Baby Crying Detector with Parental Alarm ...

This Baby Cuddling With Her Sister Will Melt Your Heart!

3 мес. назад

Happy Nowah loves to cuddle, but her baby sister Indi... not so much. That's all about to change in this precious clip. This is the first time her baby sister started ...

Jessica meets Vanessa, and assures her she's fine.

8 г. назад

Here's the first day at the hospital, when Jessica met her little sister, Vanessa. - May 2000 Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: ...

Girl's priceless reaction to baby sister news

3 г. назад

Watch this girl's adorable reaction after finding out that she is going to become a big sister! Now that's a moment this family will never forget! Source & embed ...

Little girl preciously watches over newborn baby sister

6 мес. назад

Ella spends some heart-melting quality time with her new baby sister, Audrey. She has such a gentle heart! Source & embed code: ...

How To Stop A Baby Crying With Nine Inch Nails

3 г. назад

For whatever reason this song always makes her happy. The song is "Copy Of A" by Nine Inch Nails. It's worth the buck or two for the track if it works this well.

One-year-old talks her way out of a nap

3 г. назад

SUBSCRIBE now to Rumble Viral: Although Sierra is only one, she has already mastered the skill of making you believe 'she's right'!

My 3 year old must argue and debate everything!

4 г. назад

Facebook: Instagram: To use this video in a commercial player or in ...

Little girl cries after dad forgets "goodbye ritual"

2 мес. назад

Take a look at this little girl's heartbreaking reaction when her dad forgets to give her a hug and a kiss before he leaves for a short walk. She will definitely pull at ...

Twin Cries when Brother Goes Down Stairs without Him

2 г. назад

These twin brothers look like each other, dress like each other, and do everything together, so when one of the them jumped off the last stair without the other, ...