Good Night Sleep Music | Deep Healing SLEEP Music | Peaceful Relaxing Sleeping Music For Positive Energy ➤ Sweet Dreams

Thank you for tuning in, dear spirit.🙏 Your energy is much appreciated here. Here is the new Good night sleep music to attract positive energy while you`re sleeping. Deep Healing sleep Music infused with love and powerful intention.

Hope you enjoy it.


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We believe in the power of the human race. We are far more powerful than our senses can conceive and we are all brothers and sisters. Planet earth is our home. Personal Power Project believes in healing humanity to save our planet. We are all connected to something greater than ourselves. It is time we take responsibility for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The cause and effect of it will help heal Planet Earth.

We share content that inspires growth. Music that is created for the specific purpose of healing the listeners. Through ambient healing and meditation music fueled with powerful intentions for growth and self mastery.

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Renato & Alexander

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